My Story

Hi, You Are Welcome Here

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My name is Katharine (she/her), named to honor my Irish grandmother who lived in New York City.

My superpower is deep listening. I love creating calm, friendly,  empowering spaces where you can get to the heart of who you are.

Stories are my passion. As a mother, an author, and a career professional there’s always been one constant – listening to others. I’m one of the lucky people who others feel safe telling what’s on their minds. It’s my desire to accompany others in the discovery of their unique expression that is often living in plain sight. I feel that deep listening is so needed right now.

So, let me accompany you as you connect to your inner voice, your inner guidance system. What happens next is a new life narrative – you get to create it. I get the honor of being there to hear it.


Credentials and Experiences

Here are a few key experiences that have brought me to this point:

Masters degree from Fordham University in Religion and   Religious Education (MRE)

Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Coach

Certified Dream Mentor, Spiritual Companion. 

The Haden Institute

Initiated Reiki I/II Practitioner 

Published author

20+ year career in senior management for non-profit, cultural arts organizations

Master Gardener Volunteer

Traveled, climbed mountains, and mom of four wonderful beings

Though this is a list of things I've been successful doing, they don't define me. I am an explorer, a seeker, someone who loves using my intuition as a deep listener, coach, dream mentor or story doula. Working with me you'll find a supportive guide as you bring clarity to the truer version of who you are. It's a spiritual journey to your most sacred place, where your truest voice awaits.

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My Approach

The initial complimentary session will help set the course for our time together. We'll discuss where you are and where you're hoping to go. I'll give some background on how I conduct the sessions. Then off we go.

The whole experience is very much like a soul's homecoming. I believe your inner ground is sacred. It's unique and special to you. I love listening to stories and I'm very interested in hearing yours. My authenticity is to deep listen as you connect to your thoughts and dreams. Along the way we'll discover what's holding you back and work on dissolving those unhelpful beliefs. It's an honor to accompany you there.

Your body is a critical compass giving messages and directions about next steps. Equally important are your dreams—both night time and waking dreams. We'll explore each as your inner wisdom comes to light.

It's all about you as we see the patterns and symbols that emerge. Are you interested in dreaming of and creating the possibilities in your life that may have taken a back seat? If so, please contact me and we'll get started.