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Soul's Homecoming: An Empath's Journey to Inner Wisdom


The Book

At one time or another, we all travel through darkness and lonely periods in the pursuit of personal awareness. Spending time in this uncomfortable, unfamiliar space can often leave us feeling anxious. Yet this discomfort can also provide a place to pause and hear meaningful messages that ultimately lead us on a journey inward to attain peace, wisdom, and fulfillment.

In a candid story of her soul’s homecoming, certified life coach Katharine Donovan Kane shares her personal experiences to inspire highly sensitive people to create their own unique map to find the way to their soul’s home. While encouraging us to slow down and engage with her calming, supportive message and story, Kane also provides tools that guide empaths to understand themselves better, recognize sacred places, become open to what is missing and respond with greater confidence, and develop a stronger spiritual nature through the experiences of meditation, dreamwork, and other creative practices.


Soul’s Homecoming shares personal stories, inspiration, and practical tools for deepening the empath’s understanding of inner wisdom.

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