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Inner Wisdom Wayfinding

Individual sessions are focused on where you are right now in your

life – by deep listening to the challenges as well as the bright

spots. Getting in touch with your

inner wisdom comes with discovering the messages you are receiving through your experiences, dreams, body sensations or insights. As challenges pop up we take a look at how to dissolve them. Then comes setting intentions / goals for where you want to go next. Schedule a complimentary discovery call to

learn more.


One-to-One Dream Work

Individual dreamwork is focused on your dreams that are emerging.

We take a look at how your current life is influencing your dreams – or perhaps how understanding your dreams might impact your life. Dreams come with their own unique language, a language filled with symbols and metaphors. Dreamwork is an important way to get in touch with your inner wisdom. It’s an insightful journey to take. Schedule

a complimentary discovery call to learn more.


Dream Circles

Working with dreams in a group setting is a deeply rewarding experience. This is not about analyzing each other’s dreams. This

is learning to listen, asking the dreamer questions, and then allowing the dream to become our own.

It’s learning to understand the dream’s language of metaphor and symbol

and how this might inform our

current life. Working with dreams

is about touching inner wisdom in pursuit of personal and spiritual growth.

Ready to Book a Session?

One hour sessions are $75 USD. Package of three sessions $225 USD.

To begin the process book your first individual session here.

Sessions take place on zoom or by phone.

Fees are set to increase early 2023.

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