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By being here now, you've already begun a beautiful journey. You've felt somehow called or compelled to explore your life and being. You may have an idea of where this path could lead. You may not. In either case, this is a courageous step toward a deeper connection with your truth and a greater sense of peace. 


Let me help guide you. 

Continue reading to learn more about these various experiences. You can also book your 20-minute complimentary Discovery Call or one of two packages below. Enjoy a 10% discount with your first booking.


We are all unique and no two people will walk the same path toward their Inner Wisdom. During a 20-minute complimentary Discovery Call, we will explore what motivated or inspired you to consider the opportunity to work together. If you are experiencing or contemplating a major life change, we will briefly discuss what is happening and what you are hoping in terms of outcome. We will also review any signs or other forces you may be feeling encouraging you on this path. And we will talk about different ways in which we can work together so that a program can be designed that aligns with your desires. 


After your introductory call, we will determine a personalized approach for our work together, including the frequency of working sessions. If we are already working together, you are welcome to book a package on this page. If you are new, please schedule a discovery call to discuss. Two unique package options are available. Enjoy a 10% discount with your first package booking. Further details on this during your Discovery Call.


Gentle Pathway Package: $295

  • Package includes three, 50-minute sessions on zoom or phone.

  • Short email following each session.

  • Three months to complete all three sessions.

Ongoing Journey Package: $840 / Monthly payment plan available

  • Package includes six, 50-minute sessions on zoom or phone.

  • Supportive summary email with key points following each session.

  • Audio recording possible on zoom calls.

  • Email access M-F for sharing positive moments.

  • Personalized program design may include dreamwork, meditation and creative expression.

  • Five months to complete all six sessions, or based on program design.


We always begin with deep breathing and a moment of silence. I use poetry to encourage a relaxed state. These initial steps create the calm, safe environment for our conversation.


In the personalized, one-to-one sessions we will work through your personal barriers toward your unique goals. The 50-minute working sessions might reflect on topics such as what has passed since our previous meeting - recognizing progress and identifying any barriers or new opportunities for growth. We will also consider your outcome expectations for our sessions. 


In our work, we will use invitations from your Inner Wisdom to step into your truth and find comfort with moving forward.

You've felt drawn from within to uncover your unique story. This is a message from your inner guidance. You are ready to more fully connect with your essential self so let's begin.


If you have further questions, please register for a Discovery Call. Enjoy a 10% discount with your first package booking. Receive more details during your Discovery Call.

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