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So often we undervalue or neglect our dreams because they 'don't make sense.' Through non-therapeutic dreamwork in either group or personal sessions, you will come to find that our dreams can, in fact, be incredibly profound.

Learning to receive and decipher these messages from our Inner Wisdom is a very personal process. However, because the area is niche and unfamiliar to many of us, you have the option to participate in a group setting.

Night dreams, waking dreams, or visions come to us in the pursuit of health and wholeness. It is another tool in our toolbox to help bring deeper awareness to our lives.

Continue reading to learn more about different opportunities to explore and enjoy dreamwork. You can also book your 20-minute complimentary Discovery Call or one of two packages below. Enjoy a 10% discount with your first booking.


Dreams are insights emerging from our Inner Wisdom. They speak in a different language such as symbols, metaphors, archetypes, shapes, colors, sounds, and feelings. As an introduction, I will share the process I use to gain insight on how dreams communicate.

This opportunity is offered as both a private inquiry call or as a participatory group experience. Introductory sessions are complimentary. In the group setting, only one dream will be chosen from the group for this short, one-time practice session. 

Following your initial phone call or class, you will have the opportunity to continue your dreamwork in a variety of ways described below.  

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to get started.


Individual dreamwork focuses on your dreams and what is emerging in your dreamscape. We take a look at how your current life is influencing your dreams. Dreamwork also offers us the opportunity to better understand how your dreams bring deeper meaning to your life.


Some of us have a hard time remembering our night time dreams but have a clear memory of waking dreams or visions. Dreams come to us in a variety of ways. All versions can be explored for the meaning that it’s trying to bring forward.

Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call to learn more.Enjoy a 10% discount with your first package booking. Receive more details during your Discovery Call.

Gentle Pathway Package: $295

  • Package includes three, 50-minute sessions on zoom or phone.

  • Short email following each session.

  • Three months to complete all three sessions.

Ongoing Journey Package: $840 / Monthly payment plan available

  • Package includes six, 50-minute sessions on zoom or phone.

  • Supportive summary email with key points following each session.

  • Audio recording possible on zoom calls.

  • Email access M-F for sharing positive moments.

  • Personalized program design may include dreamwork, meditation and creative expression.

  • Five months to complete all six sessions, or based on program design.


Working with dreams in a group setting, a non-therapeutic Dream Circle, is a deeply rewarding experience. It can be life changing – certainly it is awe-inspiring and brings synchronicities into focus. Working in a Dream Circle is not about analyzing each other’s dreams. Rather it is learning to listen, asking the dreamer clarifying questions, and then allowing the dream to become our own. It’s learning to understand the dream’s language of metaphor and symbol and how this might inform your current life.


Working with dreams is about touching Inner Wisdom and, because of the powerful bonds created in the group process, it is not unusual for Dream Circles to remain intact for several months or even years as they grow together.

Dream Circles typically have 5-8 participants and meet every two to three weeks for a minimum of 1.5 hours per session. These sessions are on zoom to offer an  opportunity for participants from different time zones to join. The cost is $240 USD for 8 sessions. 

Email me for the next available Dream Circle



What are Dream Circles? How do they work? Why is working on night dreams or waking dreams important to bringing our Inner Wisdom into greater awareness?


I believe that each of us receives messages all the time through our insightful intellectual connections, our body sensations, as well as our Spirit, or our mystical energy. Our Inner Wisdom uses whatever means available to communicate – and this includes dreams.


If you are interested in forming a non-therapeutic Dream Circle with family and friends and want to learn how to create a safe, supportive environment based on a curated structure, then please contact me for the next Introductory Dream Circle class.


In the course a class handout provides a basic format for how to conduct a Dream Circle. We will use this resource to review the dreamwork process. A follow up class for program participants will be offered that will include a interactive practice dream session.

Email me directly for further inquiry or why not schedule a complimentary Discovery call to discuss?

You've felt drawn from within to uncover your unique story – especially as it appears in the dreamscape. This is a message from your inner guidance. You are ready to more fully connect with your truth so let's begin.


If you have further questions, please register for a Discovery CallEnjoy a 10% discount with your first package booking. Receive more details during your Discovery Call.

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