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Note: The mini retreat will begin at 11:00 ET (US/CA). Please adjust for your time zone.

Embrace joy in a women's international online retreat for connection and renewal. This three-hour wayfinding retreat, in early February, will gently explore the greening of your inner landscape, the joy of re-imagining a fresh beginning. 

Are you feeling a hint of uncertainty about the next chapter in your journey? Is the winter season in your life longing for a spring-like energy? Do you thrive when connecting with likeminded women in an online circle of joy? If so, this invitation is tailor-made for you! This is a special gift to yourself when all the year end commemorations and gatherings subside.

Early February our stormy journey through winter begins to shapeshift into something new. Sisters from near and far will gather online to join in this experience to deepen our connection with our innermost wisdom. 

About us

  Katharine Donovan Kane 

Katharine is an international facilitator working with women in ongoing Dream Circles as well as individual life coaching. She received a Master’s degree from Fordham University in religion. In her seventieth decade Katharine brings a wealth of experience from her travels while she studied various spiritual traditions. Along the way she obtained certifications in spiritual direction and dreamwork from The Haden Institute, Reiki I/II training, Martha Beck Coaching, and additional dream training with Stephen Aizenstat in the Dream Tending Program.


She’s written a popular book for HSPs entitled Soul’s Homecoming, An Empath’s Journey to Inner Wisdom Recently she helped facilitate an international program Hagitude with Dr. Sharon Blackie.

​Katharine is an explorer and a seeker. She uses her intuitive gifts to look on the other side of things and to help others do the same. She writes a blog about things hidden in plain sight. She is passionate about her work as an inner wisdom wayfinder, a dreamworker, and a story doula.


  Martine Steen

Martine has been working as a medical doctor and coach for most of her life. She is a certified mindfulness trainer and has worked with a diversity of patient groups in the Medical University of Nijmegen, apart her own mindfulness practice in collaboration with the organization of general practitioners in her area.


Last year, like Katharine, she was part of a team of international facilitators with internationally acclaimed writer Dr. Sharon Blackie in her yearlong program Hagitude.

Living on this beautiful planet means weaving our story among the stories of others. It is Martine's belief that in doing so we create the world as it is. She strives to be part of a way of creating that honors, respects and loves the earth. To be inspired by current and past wisdom through stories and myths and the connection with likeminded women. And thereby contribute a little to a future in which feminine wisdom, ecological safety and authentic space are no longer urgent needs but a self-evident presence.

What we’ll explore


The global reality more often emphasizes hardship, strife, and disunity while our capacity to feel inner joy can become vague and hidden. As women we will gather internationally through an online platform to discover our mutual strength, wisdom, and the essence of joy.

There are no specific dogma that will lead us through this three-hour retreat. Instead, our own creative energy and intuitive nature will be our guidebook.

The gathering will be a respite to quell our overwhelm. We will share wisdom with each other, to refresh ourselves. We come together in a safe, relaxing setting to enhance a deeper inner connection. We form a circle, drawing energy from nature, to touch the powerful healing aspect of joy and begin again in a new year.

This is an opportunity to reduce anxiety about becoming older in today’s world, find a renewed inner faith and personal trust, root into your unique wisdom beyond the superficial and build a connection to a personal healing joy.

What to expect


Katharine and Martine, qualified international facilitators, will offer their expertise in an exploration of somatic awareness, guided meditations, and creative practices. This includes imaginal exercises with Katharine, a certified spiritual director and dreamwork facilitator, and meditations with Martine, who is a medical doctor and a certified mindfulness trainer.

Our gathering will offer a tranquil blend of experiences and dialogue. Anticipate a cozy, enchanting atmosphere to assimilate and embrace your newfound understandings. We'll engage our senses to connect with the wealth of inner wisdom using various approaches such as deliberate breathing, yoga stretches, poetic exploration, visual exercises, rhythmic movements, and additional methods.

The general sessions will be recorded for those who are not able to attend due to time zone constraints. The recording will be accessible for 30 days following the retreat.

Also there will be an online discussion forum available for those who would like to continue to share their insights and questions once the retreat has ended. This online forum will be open for a 30-day period to anyone who registers.

A detailed schedule and contact materials will be made available to all registrants.

Martine and Katharine Introduce the Retreat
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Cost and discount


Join us and embark on an exciting journey together! It's the perfect moment to treat yourself or a loved one to a unique holiday gift. For just $35 USD, you can join this amazing experience. 


The retreat time will be at 11:00 am ET (US/Canada) on February 3, 2024. For those who can’t make the live retreat a recording will be available. 

If you are interested in giving this retreat as a gift and would like a gift certificate, please email Katharine for how to register.

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