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Donovan Kane

Deep Listening Guide and Dreamwork Facilitator

Connecting the highly sensitive and

spiritual person to their inner wisdom

All are welcome here.


What are you looking to explore? Are you experiencing a life transition or desire to reboot your creative side? Are you feeling stuck in a space between what is known and what is next and need more clarity about how to move forward? Perhaps you long for a fuller awareness of your spiritual nature.

Highly sensitive persons often have gut feelings and intuitive insights. You are drawn to nature, animals, and need time alone to feel more grounded. You sense energies in and around you. This is how your inner wisdom communicates.

I accompany you as you tap into your unique story with all its emerging sensations, symbols, and imagery. You'll find a deeper understanding of your own inner guidance awaiting you there. As a deep listener I reflect back the story you hold as you reframe the next chapter.

Meet Katharine

A Bit About My Story

My name is Katharine (she/her), named to honor my Irish grandmother who lived in New York City.

My superpower is deep listening. I am highly sensitive and identify as an empath. I find replenishing energy being in nature, spending time alone, walking together with my dog, taking landscape photographs, and writing poetry. 


I have a passion for listening to music and stories. In turn, I love creating calm, friendly, empowering spaces where you can get to the heart of who you are.

I hope that you will allow me to join you in this unique and special journey.


My Services

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Discovery Call

Let’s talk about you. I’ll answer questions about my services and then we’ll decide on next steps.


This call is complimentary. 

Sign up here.

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Individual Sessions 

Ready to tell your story and rewrite the parts in transition?


Remember to sign up for 10% coupon offer. Register for deep listening session here.

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Individual Dreamwork

What is the inner wisdom your dream holds? 

Remember to sign up for 10% coupon offer. Register for individual dream exploration here.

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Group Work

Try a free online class. See Free Initial Dream Inquiry here for more information. 

 Ask me for more information about the ongoing Inner

Wisdom Circles or Dream Exploration Groups.

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 Discover your unique story. Connect to your inner guidance.

"When I began life coaching with Katharine Kane, I was at a crossroads, emerging from the grief of losing my beloved husband and facing an unclear future. With gentle wisdom, Katharine accompanied me on a profound journey in rediscovering my truth.

"Using meaningful imagery and careful listening, Katharine helped lead me to a deeper understanding of who I am, reconnecting me to the wholeness of self and the larger mystery of love. Our work together continues to produce a profound peace and a hopeful wonderment at where my path may lead."

Annie K.

"Talking with Katharine is like roaming through undiscovered nature and reconnecting with oneself. She has a way of reminding you about who you are at your core, uncovering how you may have arrived at your current moment, and leading you down a familiar, yet elusive, path you may have dreamed about.

"During just a few months of sessions, we covered a lot of spiritual ground: relaxing meditation, discussed methods for calming & centering myself, advice for creating 'my own particular space' where I can regroup, taking the small steps needed to start reaching my goals, and most importantly, reflecting on the things that make me ME so that I can make any changes that I wish, or simply judge myself less."

Mary A.

"Katharine's masterful listening skills and gentle approach are her strongest attributes as a coach. She has an aura of calmness that helped me open up about my inner thoughts and feelings.


"I felt comfortable sharing some of my personal stories and insights, which has led me to explore new interests and invigorate my life. Katharine has given me excellent tools to not only survive a career transition, but flourish within it."

 Dylan F.

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