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Katharine Donovan Kane

Reimagine an Inspired,
Magical Life


Please come in. Sit a while.

You are welcome to Inner Wisdom Wayfinding & Dreamwork


Let’s explore together what it means to recognize your power, the inner fire that is uniquely your own. Life’s crossroad has brought you to the exact challenge that needs to be addressed. It’s offering a message that will make clear the journey forward.


I am a nature-based, spiritual crone. I come with a gift: the power to look on the other side of things and to help others do the same. I write about things hidden in plain sight. I'm passionate about accessing dreams to help guide us along the way.


There is no cost to subscribe to my newsletter or my YouTube Channel. Join me as we talk about the energies in you and around you, and discover your magic. Let's set you off flying in your dreams and in your waking life.


Do you feel best when in nature? Do you feel physical sensations when your intuition is active? This is your inner wisdom calling. Through deep listening and guidance, Katharine can help you receive and decipher these messages.

Night dreams as well as waking dreams come to us packaged in their own special language filled with symbols and metaphors. Working with them is a means of connection with your inner wisdom. This is an insightful and fulfilling journey. 

With a deep background in teaching and a rare level of cross cultural fluidity, Katharine has taught and presented on a variety of topics for a range of audiences around the world. Katharine most often presents for virtual online forums.  


"When I began life coaching with Katharine Kane, I was at a crossroads, emerging from the grief of losing my beloved husband and facing an unclear future. With gentle wisdom, Katharine accompanied me on a profound journey in rediscovering my truth.​ Using meaningful imagery and careful listening, Katharine helped lead me to a deeper understanding of who I am, reconnecting me to the wholeness of self and the larger mystery of love. Our work together continues to produce a profound peace and a hopeful wonderment at where my path may lead."


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