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Concealed Healers

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Katharine Donovan Kane,, there are many concealed healers among the hsp community, intuitive life coach, hsp empath, spiritual life coach
Concealed Healers

Recently I added this to my website. My clients are what I call concealed healers and they usually self-identify as highly sensitive people.

I have great respect for healers. When we think of healers more often than not, we consider a broad spectrum of medical professionals, including holistic practitioners. They help us interpret our bodies and our minds and offer solutions for better health. This is a wonderful thing when these options are available to us.

Then there are the other kinds of healers. They are often hidden in plain sight amongst the other parts of our lives. They are the life givers, the teachers, the nurturers, the quiet next-door neighbor, the significant others. They are the people who help us feel calm, relaxed, a and encourage us to take a deep breath when we experience overwhelm. There’s something about them that makes us feel better. They have innate abilities to see beyond the perceived ordinary in life. An encouraging outlook in times of transition is their trademark. Animals seem drawn to them.

There is a sub-category of these essential people. They are who I call concealed healers. Their gifts are often hidden – sometimes from themselves. Among these concealed healers some have no idea of their innate gifts. They never had the time, the inclination, or the opportunity to focus on the gifts they have to offer.

Others have an inkling that something special is present but view it with caution. They notice others seek them out for guidance, yet they may find this problematic. They feel that their uncanny ability to pinpoint the pain in people, in animals, and the earth is emotionally exhausting. And when they actively shift the negative energy around them, they choose to ignore ho

w special this is. Purposefully or perhaps unconsciously, they hide these aspects of themselves. It may trigger feelings of being considered odd. At times it drains their energy. Or it may be simply because these are not qualities that seem largely important.

These healers often report living with stress, general discouragement and at times even depression. Recurring difficult life patterns in waking life or the nightmares that visit from the dreamscape are considered problems rather than thresholds. They exhaust themselves putting aside their true nature and instead experience a nagging feeling that something is wrong with them.

Working with highly sensitive, intuitive, and creative people I find that many of them are concealed healers. It’s interesting to hear how their inner wisdom is communicating all the time through the body, insights, dreams, and imagination. When they give these parts of themselves an opportunity to speak, they are surprised at what they find.

The world needs healers of all types. Certainly, there are historical and personal reasons why concealing healing abilities has kept us safe from reprisal. Yet, seeing the world through a different lens is a gift. It’s liberating to reestablish a resonance to your unique genius and to heal inherited patterns. This, in turn, sends restorative energy to the Earth. Like I said…who you are is a gift.

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