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Finding Great Blue Heron

Updated: Jun 27

Yellow Crowned Night Heron on Long Branch Creek
Yellow Crowned Night Heron on Long Branch Creek

I’ve been thinking. Since I’m new to Maryland I’d like to get to know the spirit of this land. In mythologies of other lands where I’ve lived, I learned stories and archetypal figures associated with them. So, I wondered. What is the energy emerging from this place. And then, one morning on my walk with Tallulah, I saw her. As beautiful as you please, the Great Blue Heron posed for me. Or so I thought.

Actually it's a Yellow Crowned Night Heron! Terri, long-time resident of this wonderful place and good friend, read my post. She remembers a visit from the Yellow Crowned Night Heron in the past and is so glad that I have captured her return. The next day Terri saw the Great Blue Heron on her walk. We laughed that I must have "summoned" her. Here is a link to a beautiful video Terri took to share. I've also attached a photo I took of Great Blue over Chesapeake Bay during a visit some months ago. Clearly, whether Great Blue or Yellow Crowned, herons offer a special kind of energy that graces this land.

Great Blue Heron over Chesapeake
Great Blue Heron over Chesapeake Bay


This is what I wrote after seeing the Yellow Crowned Night Heron.

As if she emerged

out of the rippling light

on Long Branch Creek,

I see her still and watchful.

She knows

how the creeks and rivers

thread their way to the Chesapeake

and to the Atlantic nearby.

There’s confidence and power

as she stands firm

amidst the clan of crows

in the tulip trees above.

Her slender legs reach down

intuitively touching cool mud for balance.

Inherent wisdom.

Unapologetic presence.


What better figure to express the archetypal energy of this land than the magnificent heron?

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