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Standing Still

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Katharine Donovan Kane,,  I refer to David Wagoner's poem Lost when talking about the importance of paying attention, intuitive life coach, hsp empath
Standing Still

The hawks were busy today. I caught the tail end of one raptor with my camera in the garden. Later in the day the crows were making a ruckus in the yard. Their cawing caught my attention and that’s when I saw both hawks sitting calmly in the crape myrtle. There was something different about them this time though. So I watched and I listened. Suddenly one hawk took off with a crow in its claws.

The whole interaction was so fast. No camera yet I have saved an indelible image in my memory. It reminded me of a few lines in American poet David Wagoner’s poem Lost when he wrote, “Stand still…wherever you are is called here and you must treat it as a powerful stranger…”

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