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Anam Cara Meets Namaste

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Katharine Donovan Kane,, The practice of deep listening and the meaning of namaste, intuitive life coach, spiritual life coach
Anam Cara Meets Namaste

Years ago I found the book by John O'Donohue entitled Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom. More correctly the book found me! At that time I first learned of the concept of soul friend. I was enchanted. It resonated with me.

Among us there are storytellers. They are a blessing. There is nothing better than a dramatic tale with its twists and turns. Those who can conjure a wind-swept narrative taking us with them on an adventure are a gift.

Then there are those who call themselves story listeners. Equally gifted. An essential ingredient to the storyteller's narrative is a transported audience. The listener's ear gives a special meaning to the teller's tale. Among the circle of story listeners are those who deep listen. They see and hear the beating heart of a soul behind the words. This is one of the gifts of an Anam Cara. If you know of such a person, cherish them. They are listening to the music of your heart's story.

It is here where the essence of the Anam Cara's gift meets the meaning behind the words Namaste. That is, namaste is sometimes used as a salutation or a greeting. At other times a deeper meaning is expressed. When this happens the greeter's hand rests over their heart and the word namaste is saying "the divine in me bows to the divine in you."

The soul whispers to those who listen.

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