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When A Poem Emerges From A Poem

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Katharine Donovan Kane,, writing one poem can lead to another poem as deeper awareness emerges, intuitive coach, spiritual life coach
When a Poem Emerges from a Poem

Here's a free-style poem that came from a dream. I worked with the pine trees that appeared to me. I allowed a story to come up as I worked with poetic imagery and by the end of the poem I realized something else was coming forward – the person who stepped over the threshold. Sometimes in dream images there are stories behind stories, other meanings behind what we think is the correct interpretation. Poetry helps me get out of my analytic mind and into a wholistic experience of mind, body, spirit.

The Poem That Came From A Dream:

New Moon

In darkened twilight hours

the new moon

hints of change. Asleep I

shiver with her.

Dreams evoke Sanger’s

fence and gnarly pine trees

broken. Brown cones once wrapped

in green needles gone.

Ancient burly limbs of this

constant musky friend firmly

embraced my younger self. I

climbed, we sat in sync.

Yet, on those branches

sticky amber sap oozes

signs of life still. A

talisman of age-old presence.

A gate opens in the tatty

dream fence. There. In the dawning

a threshold. Awake I

glimmer and step through.

The Poem That Emerged From The Poem:


Thick threads of gray and

white brush her face aglow

with wrinkles of


Her eyes glimmer. A

seer’s intensity, at

once composed

and observant.

Talisman of age-old

presence she stands

like the sacred grove,

envisioning what’s hidden.

A soothing smile wrapped

sensuously in moist pink lips.

Soft wizened hands

unfurl, open to the wind.

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